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I dunno why I even drew her LOL.
-feels like watching the show all over again-

"A threat to it is a knife pointing at the heart. How can life ever be the same if bullying strangers come to change everything? The form and colour, the very taste and smell of dear familiar things will be different, alien, life-destroying. It would be better to die fighting"

Wrong Ism by J.B. Priestley

The Moldy Peaches - Nothing Came Out

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Played — 190 times
Trackname — Nothing Came Out
Artist — The Moldy Peaches
Album — Moldy Peaches


Memoryhouse- Foreground (Grizzly Bear cover)

Played — 150 times
Trackname — Foreground (Grizzly Bear Cover)
Artist — Memoryhouse
Album — Cut The Crap Playlist - April 2011


Lightning Bolt-2 Towers

Played — 50 times
Trackname — 2 Towers
Artist — Lightning Bolt
Album — Wonderful Rainbow


Hasil Adkins - No More Hot Dogs

Hasil Adkins, the father of modern psychobilly, recorded the first album released by Norton Records, Out to Hunch. The 1986 release was a collection of tape recordings he had made by himself (famously including 3 songs about decapitation, including this one) in his mobile home in backwoods Boone County, West Virginia (same as the Whites), some dating back to the 50’s, and was titled after a fictional dance craze referenced in many of his songs called the Hunch. When he wasn’t recording, he could be found watching Wheel of Fortune on a television connected to his house via extension chords while he fished. After wallowing in obscurity for most of his career, he achieved cult status towards the late 80’s, though not before he received recognition from President Richard Nixon (he sent a copy of each of his recording to the then-president of the United States, and received a thank-you letter in return from Nixon). Hasil (pronounced “hassle”) released a handful of records before he died in 2005, 10 days after being intentionally run over by a teenager on an ATV outside his home. The perpetrator was arrested after running over another victim shortly up the road.

Played — 539 times
Trackname — No More Hot Dogs
Artist — Hasil Adkins
Album — Out To Hunch


Nine Inch Nails - The Beauty of Being Numb

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Slayer - Postmortem

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Trackname — Postmortem
Artist — Slayer
Album — Reign In Blood