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Played — 200 times
Trackname — Burger feat. Hodgy Beats
Artist — Tyler the Creator
Album — Goblin
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Philippe Halsman - Alfred Hitchcock’s head in a refrigerator

Queen // You’re My Best Friend

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Played — 400 times
Trackname — You're My Best Friend
Artist — Queen
Album — A Night at the Opera


Elephant Gun - Beirut

my love for beirut will never die<3

Played — 569 times
Trackname — Elephant Gun
Artist — Beirut
Album — Lon Gisland EP


50 Cent - Rowdy Rowdy

Yo LA niggaz are the rowdy niggaz
New Orleans niggaz is rowdy nigga
D.C. niggaz is some rowdy niggaz
New York Niggaz is the fucking wildest nigga

Yo, your man could have ran when I rubbed him but he froze
Son I ain’t even rock him to sleep, the nigga dozed
The bitch could have helped you get rich, but she sold
now you heartbroke, that’s what you get for lovin them hoes
An ill flow with no beat, is incomplete, it’s like a stickup kid
runnin round without no heat, it like a fifth with no kick
a fiend with no hit, a willie with no wit
A bad bitch that won’t blow dick
It’s like a rollie with no ice, a gamblin spot with no dice
Like fuckin supermodel bitches and not bustin off twice
I murda any mic device, for the right price, I’m nice
I only say tthings once, never twice, dont fuck with me

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