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MGMT - Weekend Wars

Played — 70 times
Trackname — Weekend Wars
Artist — MGMT
Album — Oracular Spectacular
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My latest oil painting
Open heart surgery
18” x 24”


Tangerine || Led Zeppelin

Played — 359 times
Trackname — Tangerine
Artist — Led Zeppelin
Album — Led Zeppelin III
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Sweet Disposition - The Temper Trap

“Sweet disposition
Never too soon
Oh, reckless abandon
Like no one’s watching you

A moment, a love
A dream aloud
A kiss, a cry
Our rights, our wrongs
A moment, a love
A dream aloud 
A moment, a love
A dream aloud”

Played — 1,273 times
Trackname — Sweet Disposition
Artist — The Temper Trap
Album — Conditions

Joy Division - Shadowplay

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Played — 230 times
Trackname — Shadowplay
Artist — Joy Division
Album — Unknown Pleasures
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