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Hands by Zvorr
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pat pat pat pat
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your honestly just an ugly nigger


omg guys! i literally just installed this thing where people who *think* they’re clicking on anon, aren’t. and well well well look what we have here




what kind of extreme inbreeding teas! what kind of i live on a ranch and sneak into the barn every night and have sex with my brother and my horse teas?

and of course, you follow me. proof that in general, hate mail comes from fans who’s presence we are literally unaware of


I mean I could go on but I’m literally beyond embarrassed on your behalf i hope your future employer at the gas station sees this and decides not to hire you you ugly squidward bitch


Full Of Hell - Embrace

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Trackname — Embrace
Artist — Full Of Hell
Album — Rudiments Of Mutilation

(°ㅂ° ╬)
(╥ω╥`) (at Acacia Park)